1 February 2017
1 February 2017,

Find a Quality ElectricianWhen it comes to hiring an electrician, it can be confusing. Most electricians in the Hackettstown, Great Meadows, Long Valley and Chester NJ area are small private contractors. With the exception a few, you will be dealing with the owner most times. So go ahead and ask some questions. How long have you been installing generators or electrical services? Do you have proper licensing and insurance; and can you send me an insurance certificate to prove it. Most customers in Long Valley never ask this question and it’s perhaps one of the most important. Ask about the materials they will use. Are they using name brand components or one of the many “knock off” items that are available at home improvement stores in Hackettstown. Quality electrical contractors in Chester NJ try to avoid using inferior parts. Another example is generator installations, do they sell the number one brand generator. Generac is the leader in the industry and will be there 10 years down the road when your generator needs a repair.

Generac provides their dealers with the training and support to install and repair their generators. So ask if your electrician is certified by Generac to repair and install generators. Other brands seem to come and go so don’t take a chance with a company that is only dabbling in the generator game. In closing, if you are looking for an electrician in the Great Meadows area to install a generator or do some electrical work give them a good interview to see if they are the kind of electrical contractor that will meet or hopefully exceed your expectations. A good conversation prior to hiring your electrician will probably save your some money and aggravation now and in the future when you need to call upon that electrician again. Uh-oh, I almost forgot, ASK FOR REFERENCES.

Frank Fontana

Master NJ Licensed Electrician since 1989

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