27 August 2013
27 August 2013,

generac-generatorChoosing a generator can be a confusing task.  It is difficult to find the right generator especially when there are so many options.  The first step in choosing a generator is to decide what your absolute essential “needs” are during a power outage.  Typically, most basic needs are heat, water, septic, refrigeration,  some lights and a couple of key outlets like the microwave or internet access. Understanding your basic needs can really help to pin point the right generator for your family or business.

Another decision that needs to be considered is whether you might prefer a portable or an automatic standby generator.  This decision might come down to your physical condition or other limitations.   Generators can range anywhere from 50 to 500 pounds.  You need to consider how you might move your portable generator, especially if it is full of fuel.  Many older clients choose the automatic standby generators because they never have to worry about moving the equipment and filling the portable generators with fuel.

If you need help figuring out which type of standby power is right for you, you can contact me at Get Wired 2 and I would be glad to provide a free in home survey to help you assess and meet your individual needs.

Get Wired 2 is an Authorized Generac Sales and Service Dealer.

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  1. Margarita says:

    Knowing what appliances you need to keep up during a power outage is probably the best way to narrow down your choices of generators. By doing this, you’ll know how much power you’ll need so you won’t need to buy overpowered generators. It’s a good practice to add 25% to your ideal load when choosing the right generator too.

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