16 April 2014
16 April 2014,

Frank FontanaI’m Frank Fontana from Get Wired 2, and I visit homes every week with all kinds of sub-standard electrical installations. I frequently hear something like, “I should have known”, “They didn’t really seem to know what they were doing” or the worst one of all “I paid a lot for that electrical work”. Unfortunately, not all contractors or customers are created equal. For instance some electrical contractors just want to get it done as quick and cheap as possible for the highest price and some really care about what they install and the customer they serve. I’m the contractor that really cares.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s the customer that is so fixated on the bottom line that they can’t see the benefits and value of spending just a little more to hire the “right” electrical contracting firm. That said, it may cost a bit more for the extra peace of mind that well installed electrical work brings but I think your families safety is worth it. You’ve already made it to GetWired2.com if your reading this and your on the right track to getting a professional installation for your home or business. So when your wondering how much this job is worth, don’t get so fixated on the price. Carefully examine the electrical contractor your considering. Use Google and check those online reviews at Yelp, Yahoo and any of the many sources available. It will give you’re a better idea of who your hiring and what their really worth.

So, remember you can Get Wired 2 by calling Frank Fontana.

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  1. Donald Luff says:

    I have used Frank Fontana of Get wired2 on two occasions and he was very polite and conscientious in his work. I have been very pleased with his work and I plan on using him for a whole house generator this year. My wife and I are happy to say that not only are we please with his work, we are also happy to have made a new friend too.

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