14 June 2013
14 June 2013,

An example of handyman havoc at work.When you hire a handyman to do electrical work at your home or business you are taking chances with your home and the lives of your family.  I rarely see work installed by a handyman that is 100% correct.  I know this because  I receive a large number of calls each year to correct the work installed by the untrained handyman. This is all to often discovered at the time of a home sale and ends up becoming a bargaining chip for the buyer.

The minimum requirement to become an electrician in the state of NJ is satisfied with a 5-year apprenticeship.  It is certain that most handymen do not have 5 solid years of training and experience installing electrical wiring and equipment.  Even after nearly 30 years in the industry I can say “I have not done it all”.

The electrical field is changing daily as technology advances.  Licensed electricians maintain their licenses with continuing education requirements every renewal cycle.  Does your handyman do this?

It is risky to hire a handyman to do electrical work, when your figure out its not right, it might be too late.  Always hire a professional, licensed electrical contractor, like Get Wired 2.

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