26 July 2013
26 July 2013,

Surge ArrestorSummer lightning storms are starting to roll in.   If you’ve got sophisticated electronics and appliances, and who doesn’t these days?  You can’t afford not to safeguard them with whole-house surge protectors.

A power surge happens in milliseconds —  Maybe you see the lights flicker, or your computer locks up. Maybe you don’t notice anything at all.

The  average insurance claim for damage caused by surges is $4,300.  Whole-house surge protectors are an easy and affordable way to reduce your losses, and here’s how they work.

When a surge occurs, the device detects the excess current and safely discharges it through the buildings grounding path back to earth instead of your electronics.

If you own electronics that should be protected.  Call Get Wired 2 to protect your entire home from lightning with a surge protector installation.

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